Working committees of LIPIEMCO

Audit Committee

Chairperson: Leobert Obrero
Vice-Chairperson: Leonora A. Jaralba
Secretary: Gina Bihag
Junior Officer: Julius Ceballos

Duties and Responsibilities (Based on bylaws)

  1. Monitor the adequacy and effectiveness of the co-operative’s management and control system;
  2. Audit the performance of the co-operative and its various responsibility centers;
  3. Review continuously and periodically the books of account and other financial records to ensure that these are in accordance with the co-operative principles and generally accepted accounting procedures;
  4. Submit reports on the result of the internal audit and recommend necessary changes on policies and other related matters on operation to the Board of Directors and General Assembly; and
  5. Perform such other functions as may be prescribed in the By-laws or authorized by the General Assembly.

Credit Committee

Chairperson: Dante A. Sanchez
Secretary: Letecia Ylanan
Member: Cheryl Chiew
Junior Officer: Christine Baylon
Junior Officer: Jennylyn Macaron

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. The Committee shall assist the board of directors in the formulation of sound lending policies, systems and procedure;
  2. They shall be responsible for the credit management of the co-operative;
  3. In the performance of its functions, it shall process, evaluate and act upon loan application and withdrawal of deposits, except when the applicant is a member of the committee or related to any of them within the third civil degree of consanguinity and affinity, in which case, the applicant shall be acted upon by the Board of Directors; and
  4. Exercise general supervision including collection over all loans to members.

Education Committee

Chairperson: Maria Mahinay
Vice-Chairperson: Catherine Fabregas
Secretary: Allen Joy Corazon
Member: Nelson Japson
Member: Evan Villadores
Member: Beacora Mones
Member: Lani-Ann Lucero
Member: Karen Joyce Rallos
Junior Officer: Dorothy Yve Costillas
Junior Officer: Mary Ferry Lou Maquilan

Duties and Responsibilities (Based on bylaws)

The committee shall assist the board of directors in the formulation of the policies, rules and procedures pertaining to human resource development and effective operationalization and implementation of the fifth co-operative principle of education, training and information.  Specifically, their functions are as follows:

  1. To design and implement Human Resource Development (HRD) plans and programs for members, officers and employees;
  2. To conduct Pre-Membership Education Seminar (PMES), Membership Education Program (MEP) and other seminars or meetings for the information and understanding of the organization’s policies, systems and programs;
  3. To continuously update members and the community on activities and program’s performance and achievements of the thru regular publication;
  4. To tap sources of technology and training funds;
  5. To prepare an annual HRD plans and programs for members, officers and employees to be integrated in the co-operative annual plans and programs; and
  6. To submit annual reports of accomplishment to the BOD.

Election Committee

Chairperson: Gina S. Bihag – Bihag
Member: Maribeth Dapiton
Member: Adones E. Cabanig

Duties and Responsibilities (Based on bylaws)

    1. Formulate election rules and guidelines and recommend to the General Assembly for approval;
    2. Implement election rules and guidelines duly approved by the General Assembly;
    3. Recommend necessary amendments to the election rules and guidelines for the General Assembly’s approval;
    4. Supervise the conduct, manner and procedure of election and other election related activities and act on the changes thereto;
    5. Canvass and certify the results of the election;
    6. Proclaim the winning candidates;
    7. Decide election related cases except those involving the committee or its members; and
    8. Perform such other functions as prescribed in the By-laws or authorized by the General Assembly.

Ethics Committee

Chairperson: Elbert Lee L. Aba√Īo
Member: Shane Daffodil Alfaro
Member: Aileen Torres
Junior Officer: Caryn dela Rama
Junior Officer: Era Marie Geste

Duties and Responsibilities (Based on bylaws)

  1. Develop Code of Good Governance and Ethical Standards to be observed by the members, officers and employees of the cooperative subject for approval of the BOD and ratification of the GA;
  2. Disseminate, promote an implement the approved Code of Governance and Ethical Standards;
  3. Monitor compliance with the Code of Governance and Ethical Standards and recommend to the BOD measures to address gap, if any;
  4. Conduct initial investigation or inquiry upon receipt of a complaint involving Code of Governance and Ethical Standards and submit report to the BOD together with the appropriate sanctions;
  5. Recommend ethical rules and policy to the BOD;
  6. Perform such other functions as may be prescribed in the By-laws or authorized by the General Assembly.
    – Review applications for Disaster and Emergency assistance and recommend for BOD’s action

MedCon Committee

Chairperson: Glenna D. Sisante
Member: Lorna D. Cabezas
Member: Conchitina Exaltacion
Junior Officer: Cheryl Abella

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Formulate and develop the Conciliation-Mediation Program and ensure that it is properly implemented;
  2. Monitor Conciliation-Mediation programs and processes;
  3. Submit semi-annual reports of co-operative cases to the Authority within fifteen (15) days after the end of every semester;
  4. Accept and file Evaluation Reports;
  5. Submit recommendations for improvements to the Board of Directors;
  6. Recommend to the Board of Directors any member of the co-operative for Conciliation-Mediation Training as Co-operative Conciliator-Mediator;
  7. Issue the Certificate of Non-Settlement (CNS); and
  8. Perform such other functions as may be prescribed in the By-laws or authorized by the General Assembly.

GAD Committee


Chairperson: Lilibeth Peralta
Vice-Chairperson: Edeza Dalaniel
Secretary: Augie Marie Inoc
Focal Person: Hana Toralba

Duties and Responsibilities (Based on bylaws)

  1. Formulate GAD (Gender and Development) and GE (Gender Equality) Policies.
  2. Create Cooperative Development Plan. The approved Cooperative Plan shall include strategies/programs/activities/projects that address issues and concerns on gender and policy implementation. The cooperative shall prove that gender programs and projects in the Cooperative Development Planare implemented. There shall be mechanisms and instruments established in the cooperative that will ensure GAD are facilitated, implemented and monitored.
  3. Shall identify GAD related education and training programs. These shall be included in the annual education and training plan.
  4. Conduct Gender analysis.
  5. Develops and recommends GAD and GE policies and programs/activities/projects to the Board.
  6. Monitors and assesses progress in the implementation of GAD programs/activities/projects towards achieving GE
  7. Submits report to the Board.
  8. Provides directional guidance.